Friday, April 3, 2015


Birthdays in Guatemala begin with a big bang, literally! While living in Guatemala City we were frequently woken abruptly in the early hours of the morning by loud popping and banging on the roof of the Casa. The first time, I thought it was heavy rainfall. We soon discovered that it was fireworks, a tradition to let the birthday person know he/she is special. These firecrackers look like long sheets of plastic with the explosives wrapped inside. They are sold in local stores and easy to obtain. We are now so used to the noise that we no longer react at the sound.
My birthday did not include the lighting of fireworks. But I was celebrated at the school where I was taking Spanish lessons, and then again at the home where we were living in Antigua for the week. It was a surprise, as I had not told anyone that it was my birthday. Somehow the secret got out. And of course I was touched by all the greetings I received from friends and family at home. Many thanks to all.

Home in Antigua, Guatemala

My birthday celebrated at Tecum Uman, Spanish school In Antigua.
Me and my teacher, Carmen

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