Friday, February 27, 2015

Ready,set, go!

Ok. 2 more days. I am ready...suitcase full of things that will be used in La Casa in Ciudad Guatemala...brown sugar (cassonade), old screw drivers, masks and gloves, old clothes, and of course the things I will need while there. The usual last minute anxiety sets in. Will my bag be too heavy? Can I bring extra carry-on? etc, etc. Tonight we had dinner at a new Indian restaurant in Saint-Lambert to celebrate Pierre's 67th birthday. It brought back memories of our trip to India in 2011. Such fun!
I decided not to buy mattress covers for bedbugs, but rather to trust that there will be none and to use lavender essence if there are. Am I nuts?!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Two more weeks and I will be in Guatamala, starting my five week volunteer work there, hopefully with lots of occasions to practice my fledgling Spanish.  I am really hoping to write regularly so those of you that are interested can follow my blog. This time it is not our travel adventures as a couple, but my new experiences alone in Guatamala, a country we visited together in 1974 before the civil war that tore this country apart. I look forward to seeing it again after all these years. It should include a visit to Tikal, the famous Maya temple that we saw as it emerged from the jungle and first received visitors. Cannot wait!