Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Work continues

Casa Casira: Guatemala Ciudad

I am now the official driver to and from the Pinula work site. It is one hour from the Casa Casira. So we leave at 6 am to be able to begin work at about 7:30. The children are already there, the younger ones starting at 7am and the older ones at 8. The drive is frenetic but I am getting used to it.Today I had a smaller van which made it a little easier to turn and get in and out of of tight spots. I am getting used to the clutch and other than a minor detour today after missing a tunnel, we arrived on time. Thankfully I can speak Spanish and ask directions.
A solution has been found and the plexiglass is ready to be placed in the steel frames. The men have spent the last two days cutting the panels and  glueing them with silicone. Tomorrow we will begin replacing the windows and by the end of next week all three classrooms will be completed.

Gym class in school yard...ready for crunches

You can see the high building that we are working on at the back of the picture. This building has     been a Casira project for several years. All supplies are provided by the community. Casira provides volunteers from September until April. Progress is slow because of the lack of supplies and money.

 By 10 we are ready for a snack that we eat in the schoolyard surrounded by the children who are by then eating their lunch, as start classes at 7am and finish at 1pm. We then work until 12:30, eating a packed lunch before leaving. It takes another hour to drive back through traffic. By 2:30 we are back and exhausted. 

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