Sunday, May 18, 2014

Odds and ends

Our B&B in Naples was lovely, but every morning we were entertained by a local bag lady who spends the day at the edge of the square outside our window. I wonder where she sleeps because she was never there in the evening. But every morning she begins the day by shouting what sound like obscenities in Italian, while eating and throwing peach stones across the alley. The locals seem to ignore her and walk past without reacting. She is just part of the local colour.
Driving in Naples to get out of the city, we were surrounded by masses of cars and motor cycles. I saw a business man on a motor cycle, weaving in and out of crazy traffic, all the time texting as he drove. They do not have the same road rules as at home, that’s for sure!
One of my regrets is that I could not buy any of the beautiful shoes that the women wear here. Italian footwear is amazing, making me drool. The women trip around the cobble stone streets in stiletto heels and their feet look great. I am walking around in running shoes, nursing blisters that I got in Rome, and complaining about my bunions. I guess it will be in another life that I can wear these amazing shoes, but I can dream.

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