Monday, March 18, 2013

Ready or not

One week left and we are off for SEA. I have read so many books on Burma that I feel oversaturated...but maybe that will help with adaptation to life there. Burma is the country with the highest incidence of death from snake bite. Now that is NOT reassuring and could account for my recent dream in which I was working in Montreal and encountered four huge snakes with a period of about 30 minutes. I really have to get that fear under control because I have a feeling that where we are going, there will be no snakes.
So off to Bangkok on March 24 and then a flight to Rangoon (Yangon) on March 29. I bought the ticket online and am a little anxious about how real that Air Yangon flight is. We will believe it once we get to the airport. Our trip to Burma (Myanmar) is more or less organized, given the supposed difficulties of making last minute decisions there that could take a lot of time to organize. Otherwise, the rest of our trip will unfold as we arrive in places and decide where to go next and how to get there.

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